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hatin' on the Heyoka again....silly rabbit!

hatin' on the Heyoka again....silly rabbit!
The Apotheosis Magus, sometimes known as the Harlequin, is typically a master of
internal disguise and often external disguise also.
Frequently a person of Fallstaffian tastes and grand gestures, he often distinguishes
himself in a variety of human endeavors precisely because he has attained the freedom
to be anything at all. Such freedom is often won only after a tremendous personal
struggle to repair the effects of a difficult start in life. The Apotheosis Magus
teaches by encouraging emulation and then often finally capping it with outrage.
His play which is often never consciously formulated, is to provide a role model for
emulation by his accolytes and perhaps
later to drive them away and throw them back on their own resources,
the horizons of which have been expended by the encounter.
The essential trick of the Apotheosis Magus is to present magic as a source of
boundless self confidence. If he can convince his acolytes that they are magicians
capable of anything such beliefs will tend to become self fulfilling. The Apotheosis
Magus implies this through the triumph of the will. The Nemesis Magus implies it by
showing that nothing is true. Both aim to set the imagination free. Both are exponents
of a short and dangerous path which is inevitably strewn with casualties and
misunderstandings. Yet this is considered to be a small price to pay if a few do win
through to a more effective self definition.
The continual setbacks, reverses and dry periods to which the magical tradition is
habitually prone are due to the frequent appearance of the Hierophant or pseudo-magus

The Apotheosis path is lonely, difficult and dangerous.
Such a magus must be all things to all men and women. As a matter of policy he may be continually engaged in
challenging the limits of what is socially acceptable. He may have to resort to trickery
to make himself seem large enough to accommodate the totality of his followers
expectations of him. Any true friendship prevents him exercising his life s function
towards any person with whom it is shared and there will be few of his peers with whom
he can be completely open. He will get few thanks from society in general for his
efforts and perhaps only a grudging respect from those whom he touches. The tangible
rewards of this role are limited to those he can exact from his temporary followers.
The Apotheosis Magus must be continually alert to avoid the backlash from his own
lifestyle and those who have associated with him. He must always be one step ahead of
the police raid. He often comes to a bad end. Notable magi operating in this mode
include Cagliostro, Giordano Bruno, Paracelsus, Gurdjieff, (Bubba Free John and Aleister Crowley.)

- Pete Carrol
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