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Thelema EU

Thursday, October 12, 2017

12:10PM - Happy Birthday, dear Aleister Crowley!

Thursday, October 27, 2016

1:04AM - R.I.P. Boleskine House

Boleskine House, owned at one time by Aleister Crowley and Jimmy Page, burns down, December 23rd, 2015...

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

1:00PM - Happy Birthday Mr. Crowley!


Sunday, September 11, 2016

7:11PM - Sic transit gloria mundi


6:44PM - 93!


Saturday, May 16, 2009


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Many great books, articles, journals are being made available online for the first time!

Contributions are welcome.

Friday, March 7, 2008

7:50AM - time time time....

"“Now he has departed from this strange world a little ahead of me. That means nothing. People like us, who believe in physics, know that the distinction between past, present, and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.”

- Albert Einstein

"Rovelli senses another temporal breakthrough just around the corner. “Einstein’s 1905 paper came out and suddenly changed people’s thinking about space-time. We’re again in the middle of something like that,” he says. When the dust settles, time—whatever it may be—could turn out to be even stranger and more illusory than even Einstein could imagine."


"Saduq Babuya's works bring together a vast number of the traditions of the Imams, fundamental both for apophatic theology and for the Imamology to which it gives rise. These traditions are sometimes in the form of autonomous treatises which develop within the commentary. The same is true of Qadi Sa'id's study of the esoteric meaning of the five basic religious prescriptions. In the cubic structure of the Temple of the Ka'bah he perceives the structure of the Imamate of the Twelve Imams. The Temple of stone is transfigured into the spiritual Temple of the Imamate, and becomes the secret itself of human life, the qiblah or axis of orientation of a pilgrimage which is identified with the stages of life. Once again, philosophy becomes a 'narrative philosophy', just as Schelling was to wish that it should be. The hadith of the 'Twelve Veils of Light' associates Imamology with cosmogony, as well as with the theosophy of history and metahistory, in its symbolic description of the peregrinations of the Muhammadan Light in the Pleroma, and then of its 'descents' from world to world through seventy thousand Veils until it reaches this world. The twelve Veils of light are the twelve Imams and their twelve respective universes, 'figured' as twelve millennia. These twelve universes are the archetype of the cycle of the walayah which is their inverted image, because it reinvolutes through a process of return and reascent. This is as it were a revival of the ancient Graeco-Iranian theologies of the Aeon. Qadi Sa'id develops a concept of time which is allied to the ontology of the mundus imaginalis and of the subtle body. Each being has a quantum (miqdar)
of its own time, a personal time, which behaves like a piece of wax when it is compressed or else stretched. The quantum is constant, but there is a time which is compact and dense, which is the time of the sensible world; a subtle time, which is the time of the 'imaginal world'; and a supra-subtle time, which is the time of the world of pure Intelligences. The dimensions of contemporaneity increase in relation to the 'subtlety' of the mode of existence: the quantum of time which is given to a spiritual individual can thus encompass the immensity of being, and hold both past and future in the present. From this point of view, the commentary on the hadith or recital of the 'White Cloud' is fascinating."

"In the Modern World, Sufism is a name with no reality. In the past, Sufism was a reality with no name."


7:10AM - 'Aktiophi' is a pathetic little man child who can't even get laid, he is a loon and a loser.

aktiophi is not nasrudra, aktiophi is not nasrudra, lather rinse repeat, morons!

2008-03-07 12:02 pm UTC (link) DeleteTrack This
for once and for all, I AM NOT LJ USER 'Aktiophi' - in fact Aktiophi is THREATENING me!

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2007-11-26 05:48 am UTC (link) DeleteFreezeScreenTrack This Select
You're one psychotic, out of control Enochian political tool, dude.

How many socks do you have, Stonemirror? 5000?

Your astral drama is being moved by Adepts in Oversoul, namely One Dick permanent officer.


You're a liar, a thief and a trouble maker, and all just for the hell of it.

Exit stage or but a bullet in your head. Or we'll make you.

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thank you!
2007-11-26 01:25 pm UTC (link) DeleteFreezeScreenTrack This Select
This threat has been reported to the police and to livejournal abuse.

Now does ANYONE still maintain that I am user Aktiophi?

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2007-11-26 01:31 pm UTC (link) DeleteFreezeScreenTrack This Select
'Aktiophi' is also 'dems4direction' AND 'nirijabira', this isn't disputed.

And NONE of them are me!

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and your threat has been reported to your ISP as well
2007-11-26 02:21 pm UTC (from (link) DeleteFreezeScreenTrack This Select
I am receiving death threats from IP#
Reply to the current message Reply to all recipients of the current message Forward the current message Print the current message Block SenderBlock Sender & Delete AllBlock Domain
From: nd2@hushmail.com
To: abuse@cox.net
Date: Mon, 26 Nov 2007 08:11:25 -0600
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Top Level Domain: "cox.net"

Their reply was:

You're one psychotic, out of control Enochian political tool,

How many socks do you have, Stonemirror? 5000?

Your astral drama is being moved by Adepts in Oversoul, namely
One Dick
permanent officer.


You're a liar, a thief and a trouble maker, and all just for the
hell of

Exit stage or but a bullet in your head. Or we'll make you.

Aktiophi is a pathetic little man child who can't even get laid, he is a loon and a loser.

He ain't me.

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Sunday, March 2, 2008

1:05PM - the Gnostic Mess, AC's wost mistake, AC at his windbag worst... a terrible, turgid ritual.

the worst Gnostic Mass I attended was in Eugene, OR. Down there its mostly hardcore hippy/wiccans making up local coto. The nude 'Priestess" weighed in at nearly 400 pounds, and she was precariously perched atop a jury rigged, plywood "Altar" which groaned and threatened to crush the sunken chested hippy dude wielding the Lance. This hippy dude droned the Mass in the most annoying monotone possible. And punctuating this drone was a continual stream of loud FARTS wafting from the backside of the female Behemoth swaying up on that moaning plywood pile I would later call the "Crowley Shack".

This all went down in a barn of all things, with straw on the floor and everything....

as if the endless Swinburne wasn't bad enough in its poetic flatulence...

10:40AM - hatin' on the Heyoka again....silly rabbit!

hatin' on the Heyoka again....silly rabbit!
The Apotheosis Magus, sometimes known as the Harlequin, is typically a master of
internal disguise and often external disguise also.
Frequently a person of Fallstaffian tastes and grand gestures, he often distinguishes
himself in a variety of human endeavors precisely because he has attained the freedom
to be anything at all. Such freedom is often won only after a tremendous personal
struggle to repair the effects of a difficult start in life. The Apotheosis Magus
teaches by encouraging emulation and then often finally capping it with outrage.
His play which is often never consciously formulated, is to provide a role model for
emulation by his accolytes and perhaps
later to drive them away and throw them back on their own resources,
the horizons of which have been expended by the encounter.
The essential trick of the Apotheosis Magus is to present magic as a source of
boundless self confidence. If he can convince his acolytes that they are magicians
capable of anything such beliefs will tend to become self fulfilling. The Apotheosis
Magus implies this through the triumph of the will. The Nemesis Magus implies it by
showing that nothing is true. Both aim to set the imagination free. Both are exponents
of a short and dangerous path which is inevitably strewn with casualties and
misunderstandings. Yet this is considered to be a small price to pay if a few do win
through to a more effective self definition.
The continual setbacks, reverses and dry periods to which the magical tradition is
habitually prone are due to the frequent appearance of the Hierophant or pseudo-magus

The Apotheosis path is lonely, difficult and dangerous.
Such a magus must be all things to all men and women. As a matter of policy he may be continually engaged in
challenging the limits of what is socially acceptable. He may have to resort to trickery
to make himself seem large enough to accommodate the totality of his followers
expectations of him. Any true friendship prevents him exercising his life s function
towards any person with whom it is shared and there will be few of his peers with whom
he can be completely open. He will get few thanks from society in general for his
efforts and perhaps only a grudging respect from those whom he touches. The tangible
rewards of this role are limited to those he can exact from his temporary followers.
The Apotheosis Magus must be continually alert to avoid the backlash from his own
lifestyle and those who have associated with him. He must always be one step ahead of
the police raid. He often comes to a bad end. Notable magi operating in this mode
include Cagliostro, Giordano Bruno, Paracelsus, Gurdjieff, (Bubba Free John and Aleister Crowley.)

- Pete Carrol

Sunday, October 28, 2007

5:46PM - Lest you delete it like the coward you are

Likewise, contentlove. I don't want to have anything to do with you either. You're a pig. I want you to know though that I'm the only man in field that reads you women like a book. You can lie and you steal time, but what you can't do is hide from me. You know about my mother's death and I'm going to find out how. If I find out you had anything to do with it I'm going to destroy you and no one's going to stop me.

I'm sorry, that almost sounded like a threat, dickless.

Naturally the following two comments you dropped into my girlfriend's lj when she died in a motorcycle crash could not in ANY WAY imply your desire to take credit for her death:

comment 1:

Somebody replied to your LiveJournal comment in which you said:

Good bye my love. Thank you for being in my life. I love you.
Their reply was:
Subject: another phoney Maroney bites the dust!
Have fun burning in Hell with Tim, you worthless loudmouth cunt ache!

You were never anything but a shrill and irritating cheerleader to a bumbling Squad of tech-dorks who don\'t know Magick from Mayo!

Now who will be next...

Your life was squandered, you were and are a non-entity, a Null in Magician\'s robes.


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Comment 2:

From: (Anonymous)
Date: June 2nd, 2006 12:47 am (UTC)
IP Address: (
Select: Delete Unscreen Freeze
making a death sigil of daniel johnston's 'speeding motorcyle' REALLY WORKED!!!!!

No, it couldn't possibly be the case that people saw your insane ramblings from your dems4direction account here now could it?

So, just to recap:

YOU: on record as taking magical credit for the death of my girlfriend.

YOU: ready to make threats of reprisal merely suspecting same in re you and yours (on no grounds soever).



Close your eyes.

Take a deep breath.


Feel what's coursing through you?

Feel what you're feeling right now for Content.

Feel. BE with your feelings for her. Right here. Right now.

Now, then.....

What do you suppose I'm going to do to YOU when I find you?....

Sunday, September 30, 2007

6:53PM - James Eshelman 10/20/07 in SF

Dear friends of the College of Thelema and Temple of Thelema,

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.


James A. Eshelman in San Francisco

Initiation: New Awakenings in the Aeon of Horus
A lecture on alchemy, astrology, qabalah, magick

Saturday, October 20, 2007, 1:00 PM
$11.00 Donation requested
Open to the public

James Eshelman is a noted Thelemic author, astrologer, and magician. He is the Chancellor of the College of Thelema and the Prolocutor-General of the Temple of Thelema. In addition, he is the author of the highly regarded text, "The Mystical and Magical System of the A.'.A.'.".

I.O.O.F. Hall
26 7th Street
San Francisco, CA 94103

Map: http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?f=q&hl=en&geocode=&num=10&ie=UTF8&msa=0&msid=112056542189540540733.00043b3fba322ad8a202f&ll=37.780569,-122.412007&spn=0.010803,0.022295&z=16&om=1

Presented by the Temple of Thelema

Reservations & Information: (916) 273-5631
Please RSVP as space is limited.

Please feel free to pass along this invitation to interested friends.

Love is the law, love under will.

Saturday, April 8, 2006


Join it!


Soror Inanna

Thursday, March 30, 2006

9:12PM - Equinox III-10 Sale!!!

Prelim. Link: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=7019879490

Slide Show by Auctiva





This is a limited edition (excellent condition) PERSONAL COPY from Dr. Christopher S. Hyatt and New Falcon's O.T.O. LIQUIDATION SALE.

This hard cover copy contains both the signature of Dr. Christopher S. Hyatt and the note signed to him by Frater Superior, Hymenaeus Beta (William Breeze).

This was published in 1986 by Thelema Publications, A Publications Division of Ordo Templi Orientis, JAF Box 7666, New York NY 10116 ISBN 0-913576-33-6. This is hardcover, and ONE OF A KIND.

The Table of Contents includes:

Hymenaeus Beta X* Introduction - Culture vs. Cult
Aleister Crowley -- The Master Therion -- A Biographical Note
The Master Therion - Book 1 -- The Book of the Law
Book 2 -- The Message of the Master Therion
Book 220 -- The Book of the Law
Book 837 -- The Law of Liberty
Book 300 -- Khabs Am Pekht
Book 150 -- De Lege Libellum
Book 30 -- The Book of the Balance
Ad Veritatem IXº -- An Introduction to the HIstory of the O.T.O.
Honorable Charles A. Legge -- Grady McMurtry et. al. vs. SOTO, Findings of Fact
Grady McMurtry et. al. vs. SOTO, Judgement
Franz Hartmann IXº -- Mysteria Mystica Maxima -- First instruction

AND MUCH MUCH MORE! See Amazontm's listing for full details of what is contained in this book.

Shipping: $3.00 flat rate regular USPS mail for all Continental U.S. shipments. Additional charges for any other type of shipping or outside of the Continental U.S. Negotiable. High Bidder MUST PAY SHIPPING.

Monday, January 16, 2006

3:47PM - Shunned

I keep encountering people who won't discuss the content if Liber AL on account of the Comment:

"The study of this Book is forbidden. It is wise to destroy this copy after the first reading.
Whosoever disregards this does so at his own risk and peril. These are most dire.
Those who discuss the contents of this Book are to be shunned by all, as centres of pestilence.
All questions of the Law are to be decided only by appeal to my writings, each for himself."

I find this frustrating, because observation shows this to be a deliberate paradox with part of AL II,76:

"What meaneth this, o prophet? Thou knowest not; nor shalt thou know ever. There cometh one to follow thee: he shall expound it."

It's a failsafe to prevent fundamentalism. It encourages Thelemites to break the rules. Does the second sentence of the comment not challenge us to be Fools? And presuming that the meaning of the cipher is of great import, which is likely, all those who won't discuss AL will shun, and be left behind by, Thelema when it evolves to it's next vibration.

I'd really like to hear how people who don't discuss AL rationalise their decision.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

5:52PM - Join Aeon of Horus Press!

First, you must have a livejournal account ( which you can get on http://www.livejournal.com ).

Then: CLICK HERE to join!!

Monday, August 8, 2005

10:50PM - A couple of polls...

I have created a couple of interesting polls in my journal:

What is the law?

Love is the law, love under will?

Please answer if it be your will to do so...

(Please excuse the crosspost, I want to get as broad a response as possible)

Friday, July 29, 2005

12:32AM - "IO Pan" №4

93! "IO Pan"
We present article from new number of our bulletin "IO Pan" of the friend of Moscow's Oasis "Pan's Asylum" Arjuna Anandanatha.
93 93/93

Tantrism in the Writings of Kenneth Grant

Being the mystical essence of all Hindu and Buddhist traditions, Tantrism in many aspects is close to various secret schools of middle East and West, that occupy a similar position in a context of corresponding religions. One of such systems of Western mysticism is The-lema. Its beginning is marked by the revelation of the Book of the Law, which occurred in 1904 e.v. via Aleister Crowley. Crowley had visited India and Sri Lanka and to a certain degree got in touch with the local Tantric traditions; consequently he didn’t fail to notice their essential similarity to his own world outlook and experience. Later he wrote, thatamong all hindus it is tantrics who are the most advanced.
Like Thelema, Tantra is a life-affirming teaching. Contrary to multiple decadent doctrines ofascetic traditions, Tantrism delivers a gospel of love, elation and enjoyment. Its spirit is concordant with that which is reflected in the words of Nu in the first chapter of Liber AL. Tantras formulate their basic law in a way resembling the AL’s maxima: “The sole principleis to follow one’s own Will”.1 The metaphysics of Tantra and Thelema is also essentially identical - union/duality of Nuit and Hadit, consequent emerging of the world, divine natureof human being, doctrine of non-dual perception etc. And the same can be said regarding their practical side. As it has been noted by one tantric master, Thelema is Tantra for the West.
Following Crowley, some of his adherents started turning to the theme of Tantra. Among such two are the most famous: an englishman who took the name of Dadaji Mahen-dranath, the founder of AMOOKOS, and Kenneth Grant, the founder of Typhonian O.T.O. Itis Grant’s ideas about Tantrism that are examined in the present article on the basis of his Typhonian Trilogy -The Magical Revival, Aleister Crowley and the Hidden God and Cults of the Shadow.
It is evident from Grant’s works that his interest was Tantric tradition of Srividya.2 Quiet ob-viously, Grant’s views on the subject were based upon literature available at that time inEnglish: a few academic digests, several translations among which are Lalitasahasranama and Kamakalavilasa, and popular books about so called “yoga”. Since Grant had neverbeen initiated into any of Tantric traditions and had been unaware of authentic sources of Tantrism in Sanskrit, his ideas of it are, to say the least, not precise. However it can be said that Grant’s views still are of some interest, and it may be useful to go through them.But while reading his works one has to take care - the basis of this statement is given be-low.
The main problem of Grant’s apprehension of Tantrism is his habit of taking it fragmentarilyand lumping it together with his personal ideas. For instance, there are no grounds forconsidering Tantrism being historically connected to some egyptian cults - which was stated by Grant in several of his books. Etymological “proofs” given by him3 are clearly unsound; a similarity of certain ideas in no way can be regarded as an evidence of any suc
1 For example, see Kali-tantra, 8.19
2 Srividya is one of the main schools of Kaula-tantrism. It originated around 8-11 century C.E. in Kashmir andthen spread all over India - mostly in South India and Bengal. It is in South India where Srividya took its finalform and became the dominating Tantric tradition, which it remains to be in our time.
3 Cults of the Shadow, p. 63
cession or interrelation of given traditions. Historically, Tantrism evolved around 3-5 cen-tury C.E. from Vedic religion and local cults of female deities. For the fact, it is distinctive Indian tradition.
From place to place in Grant’s books we may find references and “quotations” from an un-named “initiated Kaula commentator”. This feature is rather ridiculous given the fact that alloriginal Tantric commentaries have author mentioned. Moreover, considering the languageand the style of “quotation” it can be stated that they were written by an european in 20thcentury - most likely Grant himself or someone of his disciples.
In Grant’s writings there is a considerable amount of factual mistakes. For example, hewrites “arkashani” in spite of correct term “akarshini” (Sanskr. “she who attracts”).4 Even more queerly, he notices no difference between words “kAla”, “time; black” and “kalA”, “aspect; emanation”, and consequently makes several wrong assumptions.5 The name of one Tantric hymn, Karpuradi, Grant erroneously takes to be a name of the Goddess Kali.6 In the same place he provides an incongruous etymology of the bija “Krim”, saying it is aconcentration of the word “karpura”.7 And this list can be continued...
Several fragments cited by Grant and ideas ascribed by him to Tantrism do not occur in corresponding texts and traditions. Poor knowledge of the subject makes Grant to misin-terpret Tantric doctrines and even falsify facts.
It is a question why Grant had chosen from amidst all Tantric traditions particularly Srivid-ya. Perhaps it was due to availability of certain sources and inaccessibility of the other. Forthis or that reason, Grant almost everywhere appeals to the Tantrism of Srividya.8 It is in Srividya where the doctrine of Kamakala, “Emanation of Passion”, from which Grant hadborrowed an idea of kalas as sexual secretions, has a special place. And again, he pulls this idea out of the context of the doctrine, which is not only its necessary foundation butthe sole heart of Srividya in whole.9 Given the fact that Kamakala doctrine is essentiallyclose to the metaphysics of Liber AL, Grant’s attitude is more than strange. Actually, this is just one more demonstration of his interest in mere practical matters and a total apathy tothe matters of true importance.
The doctrine of kalas is of utmost accent to Grant. In fact this is the only idea that he hadborrowed specifically from Tantrism. And to a certain degree he understood it aptly. For example, Grant noted that woman’s sexual secretions have not merely magical as it iscommonly held in the West, but rather mystical and sacramental significance. Contrary to
4 Cults of the Shadow, pp. 82-83; Aleister Crowley and the Hidden God, p. 179
5 The linguistic misunderstanding occurs in Grant’s books frequently. As just one example, see Aleister Crowley and the Hidden God, p. 211. In addition, Grant baselessly identifies “kula” and “kala” (Aleister Crowley and the Hidden God, p. 213).
6 Aleister Crowley and the Hidden God, p. 116. In fact, “Karpuradi” means “karpura etc.” - the hymn is named by its first word.
7 Ibid., p. 115
8 Seemingly, Grant is simply unaware of other Tantric traditions apart from Srividya.
9 Grant refers to Kamakala very briefly only: see Cults of the Shadow, p. 95 and Aleister Crowley and the Hidden God, p. 212.
Crowley, who generally underestimated the magnitude of the woman,10 Grant took a Tan-tric approach in this matter. Sadly, he was not sincere enough. Having borrowed some things of secondary importance, Grant missed the essence of Tantric doctrine. He never rose above the level of an occultist. Moreover, that what he borrowed Grant developed in avery awkward and voluntary way. For example, his speculations about bisexualising of the human body by means of the 16th kala11 sound simply ridiculous. Following jabber aboutsamarasa and “the science of Bhairavas” is no less dubious.12
In his examination of kala theory Grant goes to the extreme opposite to Crowley’s - but even to a greater degree. He states that woman’s secretions are of utmost importance,which is right according to the doctrine of Tantras;13 however, he proceeds with a strange and baseless statement that man’s secretions are of no use in mystical practice.14 This is in direct contradiction with the word of Tantras - they unambiguously say that the best elixiris formed by the conjunction of two.15
Then, Grant several times states that in Kaula ritual a priestess is only brought to excite-ment after which her secretions are collected in a birch leaf and used as a communion. He even adds that sexual contact with her is prohibited. This peculiar practice is of no doubt Grant’s own one - as far as I know, not even one Tantra describes such kind of ritual. In numerous Tantric texts we find prescriptions of the oral consumption of woman’s secre-tions or their mixture with semen directly from yoni.16 Most often genital coitus is said to bethe must. According to some, it is preferable for man not to ejaculate17 - but this is applicable to that case only when he is able to achieve the orgasmic state without an egress of semen. Otherwise ejaculation is needed for the rite to be complete and perfect. Having thisin view, we can see that Grant is trying to falsify things and push his own fables in the name of Tantra.
10 However, it was Crowley who also wrote that without a woman man has no power (cited in Aleister Crowley and the Hidden God, p. 19).
11 Cults of the Shadow, p. 100
12 Ibid., pp. 101-102
13 This is a direct consequence of the exalted position of woman in Tantrism and her unique role on the path to God. According to Tantric teaching, rituals and practices devoid of woman’s participation are all in vain,and final liberation is never achieved without a company of woman. Several Tantric texts are devoted to glo-rification and practical use of woman’s sexual secretions - for instance, Yoni-tantra. Secretions are consid-ered to be manifestation of the very essence of the Goddess, Her sadbhava.
14 Aleister Crowley and the Hidden God, p. 40
15 For example, Kaulavali-nirnaya, 5.36: “The Goddess is to be served with the nectar of yoni and lingam”. Mahakala-samhita advocated the usage of semen only - in the case of woman’s absence.
16 As a good illustration, see Shaktisangama-tantra, Kali-khanda, 21.53-57.
17 Such prescriptions in fact are very rarely met in Tantras. Contrary to the modern view, ejaculation is gen-erally prescribed as a necessary part of Kula ritual, corresponding to purnahuti of the Vedic yaga. But for cer-tain reasons in contemporary Tantrism above mentioned view seems to be dominating. Among textual evi-dences I can bring forth perhaps one only: Kalivilasa-tantra, 10.20, forbids ejaculation in the case of coitionwith another man’s wife.
Following the same line of fraud, Grant writes that a woman who takes part in a ritual as aliving Goddess remains a virgin.18 Contrary to his idea, in the overwhelming majority ofcases this or that kind of sexual act takes place. This is true in regard to Hindu Shakta-tantrism and Sahajiya, as well as to Buddhist Vajrayana and Sahajayana.
Certain ideas Grant deliberately distorts - to bring them in accordance with his own views.For instance, “viparita-maithuna” in no case means something like “a type of sexual congress typical for a dog”,19 which must had been well known to Grant. However he simplymisrepresents the idea20 - for the reason of his obsession with “dog and Sirius theme”. Theword “kumari” which means “a virgin”,21 he baselessly interprets as “a woman who had nochildren”. The most funny case of such misusage of terms by Grant is perhaps the following: his favorite word “suvasini” in reality stands for mere married women22 and not for notorious “specially trained priestesses”.
In his Cults of the Shadow Grant makes a factually wrong statement that adepts of Va-machara strive for longevity and physical immortality - and this is one of the major goals ofthis path.23 It is peculiar to Grant to interpret Tantric doctrines from too much physiological point of view. Thus, with an awkward seriousness he writes about the extreme importance for Tantric practice of a contraction of the anus.24 Of course, such dubious practice is almost absent from authentic Tantric texts. Grant either had got a second-hand information that again proved to be false or merely invented the idea.
Finally, the most disagreeable feature of Grant’s “tantrism”25 as of his world outlook in whole is his pathologic inclination to ugly and unnatural.26 As in the majority of such cases,this mean tendency is substantiated with an ideological base27 of “getting free” and “acquiring completeness”.
18 The Magical Revival, p. 39
19 Cults of the Shadow, p. 102
20 In fact, viparita-maithuna refers to the case when the woman is above the man.
21 Just to illustrate this simple fact: Bengali Tantric text, Pranatoshini, while describing a kumari worship, rec-ommends the anal coitus - which is at all not common for Tantras - for the very reason of avoiding deflora-tion. Obviously, kumari is a physical virgin.
22 This is true both for the case of usage of this word in Srividya sources and in modern language.
23 And again contradicting himself, in just another paragraph of the same chapter Grant says that this is not typical for Tantrism.
24 Even the famous vajroli-mudra, which Grant sees as a physiological capacity (for example, The Magical Revival, p. 39) in fact has to be understood symbolically.
25 In the case of an absence of the needed material in available Tantric texts Grant simply fabricates those practices which he wants to be present there. For example, see Aleister Crowley and the Hidden God, p. 88.
26 Numerous illustrations in Grant’s books serve a good proof of this. They rather typically represent the worlds of q’lippoth.
27 Significantly, Grant cites Austin Spare’s saying about the necessity of perversion (Aleister Crowley and the Hidden God, p. 89). Grant’s general liking towards Spare and his degraded art confirms his obsession withthe forces of evil. By the way, Grant’s position in this matter is in total contradiction with the doctrines of Tan-trism and Thelema - they both see beauty as an attribute of Divine.
Summing up, it can be stated that Grant was acquainted with Tantrism to a rather small degree and obviously not directly. Hence his account of Tantric doctrines is of mere inter-est of comparative religious studies but none of practical one. Grant’s approach towardsTantrism can be characterized as none else but a dilettante - notwithstanding numerous claims for esoterism and complete knowledge of all mysteries, we notice an absence oferudition even in trivial matters which make no secret for any literate man who is able totake a look into a dictionary or a reference book. However, it is quiet understandable that Tantrism proper is of no need for Grant. After all in his books Grant sets forth his personal system of occultism, utilizing at times a terminology and certain ideas from those traditionswhich are interesting to him. And, without any doubt, Grant’s writings cannot be seen asadequately portraying doctrines and practices of Tantra. About such kind of self-claimed “adepts” who speculate about the tradition Tantras say: “Having no knowledge of the holy Scriptures, they proclaim their false authority”.28

(с)Arjuna Anandanatha (arjunanandanatha@gmail.com)

28.07.05 e.v.
Grant, Kenneth. Aleister Crowley & the Hidden God. London, Muller, 1973.
Grant, Kenneth. Cults of the Shadow. London, Scoob, 1994.
Grant, Kenneth. The Magical Revival. New York, Weiser, 1973.

28 Shatsahasra-samhita, 3.63

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9:15PM - (x-post) George Lucas and Crowley

Check this out!


A pretty amusing read, especially the Obi Wan / lightsaber part.

Not very serious/accurate, but there ya go.

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9:32PM - Thelema in Rassia

“IO Pan”
Without borders!

This year, in April, Oasis "Pan's Asylum" in Moscow, Russia celebrated its 5th anniversary. We would like to share with our Western brothers and sisters information of how we live and what we do in Russian O.T.O.

All borders are just an illusion; nevertheless, sometimes we have difficulties to understand each other. And if you truly wish something, it will come to you by all means…

In connection with the fifth anniversary of Russian O.T.O, our heads made a decision to start publishing monthly bulletin, to update our brothers and sisters from different regions of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus with information about our rituals, life and interests. There is quite common that, for example, in a small Siberian town, far away from us, there lives one of our brothers or sisters. And our goal is to support this person, to help him or her to feel united with other brethrens. This is the main goal of our bulletin “IO Pan”.

The following is a short abstract from our May issue.

One of our heads prepared material about responsibility of the sponsors for each and every candidate. This article has intention to help our brother in the process of giving recommendation to a person interested in joining O.T.O.

In the news column we informed our readers about changes in O.T.O. government and appointment of new Grand Secretary General, as well as about chartering of a new Grand Lodge of O.T.O. in the United Kingdom. Also, Master of our Oasis announced the enrollment of new candidates to preparatory study group, and work group on Enochian Magic.

Also Sr. Dew presented her report of the first Gnostic Mass in Belarus and shared her feelings about her first experience as a Priestess.

Fr. S.S. published his work “Liber 718”, which was his meditative immersing in the Book of the Law.

Sr. Scorpio Aquarianus shared her thoughts and practical knowledge of work with the pentagram in the light of the following sentence: “Within me shines the pentagram in the pillar of the sixth rays star!”

Arjuna, a friend of our Order, who is a Tantra specialist, translated his article into English for you. This article was the basis of his seminar he has conducted for members of our Order. His article is followed the abstract.

A brother from Ukraine shared with candidates his first experience of working with sexual magic and results he obtained.

Miraculously we met our Russian-speaking brother and sister from California, who assisted us in preparing this material for you in English. Fr. Metaxas was born in Omsk, Russia. Long time lived in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Since 1991 resides in the USA. He and his wife are members of O.T.O. in Thelema Lodge in California.

Fr. Metaxas presented his material on the Tarot Court, opening by his first article the series of Tarot lectures in our bulletin.

Fr. Anton shared his opinion about just published book by Irving **** (название книги на английском), in which he calls Crowley the black magi and evil sorcerer.

Traditionally, the issue had ended with magical books review and thelemic calendar for the next month.

We hope this abstract provided you with an idea about us and our work. If there are Russian-speaking people among you, we will be happy to send you our bulletin. If you wish to subscribe the bulletin, please write to Sr. Dew, the secretary of Moscow Oasis at: harridany@yandex.ru

Also, we would be happy to see you in Moscow as our visitors. Looking forward to hear from you soon.

93 93/93
The Mystery of the “five M”.

(extract from the article)

One of the most essential components of doctrine and practice of Kaula-tantrism is panchatattva

or the mystery of the “five M” (panchamakara). In the context of sadhana (religious

practice) panchatattva is the main ritual, the sacrifice of Kula and the mystical communion

with the Goddess. Doctrinally it reveals itself as a gnosiological matrix upon which

the Body of the Godhead, macro- and microcosm are classified.

According to the doctrine of Tantras, the method to reach full perfection is enjoyment of the

world in love towards the Goddess. Yoni-tantra 6.25 says: “Happiness is achieved through

enjoyment, through enjoyment liberation is achieved. Thus one has to devote himself

completely to enjoyment”. But alongside it is stressed that love is the most essential on

this way. For instance, Meru-tantra 10.67 says: “Only that one whose love is strong succeeds

on this way of the Left”; same is stated by Kularnava-tantra, Parananda-sutra and

other Tantras. Why enjoyment is so important? Because enjoyment is the means to reveal

that spiritual bliss which is said to be the form of the Absolute manifested in body

(Kularnava-tantra 5.80). And as Devi-rahasya puts it, “the Supreme Lady is satisfied

through the worship of the taste of bliss” (Uttarakhanda 58.11). However this path of enjoyment

is opened not for everyone; Tantras underline that only “hero”, vira, is capable of

following it. Such vira possesses complete faith in himself and God, right knowledge and

logic (saljnana and sattarka), devotion to Shakti (Goddess and beloved woman) and appropriate

initiation into Kula lineage. Then there is only one prescription which he has to

follow - svechchhachara, “following one’s own [true] will” (Kali-tantra 8.19). Thus Kaulatantrism

gives the same Law of Thelema as Liber AL does.

The doctrine of “five M” has to be set in this context. Panchamakara is the essence of

kula-yoga. It is stated in Jnanarnava-tantra 22.68 that “the union of male and female is the

true yoga”. Through the union in love one enters the transcendent abode, paramapada. As

Shiva says in Maheshvara-tantra, “being in love is [being] above the world”.

Five essences of Kula, panchatattva, are five aspects of amorous union with Shakti.

Mahanirvana-tantra 5.22 insists that panchatattva is necessary in the worship of Her. The

“five M” are that much important so Kularatnavali states that without 5M the Goddess is

never pleased.

Five kula-tattvas are signifying the totality of the Goddess’ presence. It can be put that the

tantric communion exists in five forms: wine, meat, fish, mudra and maithuna. In sanskrit

all these words start from letter “m”, thus the title panchamakara. Out of these five two last

are left without translation; the reason is that their meanings are several. Mudra commonly

stands for fried grain (which symbolise that seeds of karmas are burned in the fire of

knowledge), but original sense must have been “sexual partner”. This reading is supported

not only by buddhist tradition but also by the tantric etymology of the term: “that which

brings joy is called mudra”. Final makara, maithuna, is a sexual communion and its result,

emission of secretions.

From one side the ritual usage of 5M was the act of antinomianism, transgression of socioreligious

law of Smriti. Like that Niruttara-tantra suggests to reject vedic prescriptions.

However this is merely surface of this ritual; its essence is much deeper.

Symbolically five tattvas represent five aspects of the Goddess, five parts of Her Body. In

their succession 5M constitute the method of tantric yoga. Wine (madya) symbolises the

mystical intoxication of love-feeling, prema-rasa, which occurs as a result of awakening of

the heart under the impact of divine grace (anugraha-shakti). Wine corresponds to Shakti,

feminine side of the Divinity. Meat on the other side stands for Its masculine side, Shiva. It

symbolises awareness, inner silence, contemplation (dhyana). Wine and meat are Shakti

and Shiva (see Kularnava-tantra 5.78), they are Nuit and Hadit. The verse of Kularnava

further reads: “The one who enjoys [their union] is himself Bhairava, and the bliss springing

up from their union is Liberation”. Bhairava or Hor of Liber AL is symbolised by a fish

(matsya or mina), dragon or serpent. This dragon is arising, it is a personification of

arohana-shakti, energy of uplifting. As Shiva-sutra says: “Bhairava is raising”. This is also

sankshobha, sexual arousing of the Goddess (see Niruttara-tantra 5.19). Then, the bliss of

union is mudra, “that which brings joy”. Mudra is Maat and Babalon, Scarlet Woman and

the lower Shekhinah of Kabbalah.

The four elements described are corresponding to the four letters of the Holy Name of

God, four sphiroth, four aeons of Liber AL and four directions. They are the four aspects of

fifth tattva, which is above all. Maithuna represents the return to the primal Unity, which is

the state of the Godhead. It is the perfect union of man and woman in love-taste, mahasukha

of buddhist Tantras. While wine and meat correspond to the descent of Shakti,

graceful power of the Divine, and fish and mudra - to the consequent accent of lower kundalini,

maithuna is samarasya, “merging in one taste”. It is in maithuna, sexual union with

shakti, that the highest bliss, paramananda, is realised. As Tantras say, “happiness that

manifests in the union has the quality of bliss supreme” (samyoge jAyate saukhyaM paramAnandalakShaNam).

According to the teaching of Kula, the ritual of 5M ought to be performed only when one

has an authority (adhikara) given by the Goddess and guru and when he has love towards

his shakti, woman. Tantras underline that woman has to be viewed as an incarnation of the

Goddess (for instance, see Mahakala-samhita Guhyakali-khanda 10.1663). Moreover,

Annadakalpa-tantra 15.46 goes as far as to say that “one can reject his mother and father,

one can reject Shiva and Vishnu, one can even reject the Goddess - but never his beloved


“That Supreme Lady Shakti, who is glorified as [the Giver] of Liberation, She is manifested

in the form of a woman” (Bhutashuddhi-tantra 7.17).

Love is the law, love under will.

(с) Arjuna Anandanatha, friend "Pan's Asylum Oasis" (arjunanandanatha@gmail.com)

08.06.05 e.v.

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