nasrudra (nasrudra) wrote in thelema_eu,

the Gnostic Mess, AC's wost mistake, AC at his windbag worst... a terrible, turgid ritual.

the worst Gnostic Mass I attended was in Eugene, OR. Down there its mostly hardcore hippy/wiccans making up local coto. The nude 'Priestess" weighed in at nearly 400 pounds, and she was precariously perched atop a jury rigged, plywood "Altar" which groaned and threatened to crush the sunken chested hippy dude wielding the Lance. This hippy dude droned the Mass in the most annoying monotone possible. And punctuating this drone was a continual stream of loud FARTS wafting from the backside of the female Behemoth swaying up on that moaning plywood pile I would later call the "Crowley Shack".

This all went down in a barn of all things, with straw on the floor and everything....

as if the endless Swinburne wasn't bad enough in its poetic flatulence...
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